Thought error: Parts or machine cleaning with a cleaner from the supermarket next door

Cleaning agents that are capable of removing particles and filmic contamination to clean individual parts, assemblies and machines for cleanroom applications and clean areas cannot be avoided.

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Cleanroom-compatible control cabinet

Very often it is necessary to install control cabinets or boxes directly in the cleanroom or in process machines.  Therefore these cabinets or boxes must have a number of properties that enable them to be used in the cleanroom. In addition to a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect (stainless steel or powder-coated), they should also be able to dissipate the heat loads generated inside to the environment. There are two possible ways:

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The art of working cleanly: All good things come from above?

Cleanroom technology has experienced an enormous boom worldwide in the last 20 years. This cross-sectional technology is seen almost everywhere as a component of a modern and forward-looking manufacturing and research environment. Cleanroom technology has established itself as an important industry.

A comparison of cleanroom and cleanroom cabins: Hardwall and Softwall

The conception and planning of a cleanroom depends primarily on the requirements placed on it. In some cases a grey room is already sufficient, but especially in the technology, research and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the food industry strict guidelines apply.

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8 rules you should know when planning a cleanroom

Planning a cleanroom is always an individual and complex process, in which all future uses and of course also the local conditions must be considered. Since the requirements vary from company to company, many manufacturers offer modular systems and components and also respond to special requests.

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Cleanliness suitability of operating material

Some industries must work under “clean” conditions, because even dust particle or outgassing can make a complete product batch unusable. What does cleanliness suitability exactly mean? How is it measured and how can it be determined? Would production under “pure” conditions also be a decisive competitive factor for your company? We will answer these questions for you in this blog article.

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ISO 14644 and VDI 2083: connections and differences

For uniform, cross-sector and international description of processes and specifications in cleanroom technology, standards are continuously developed and supplemented with current research findings and experience. Besides the ISO Guideline 14644, VDI is often used to establish standards. We present both guideline series and take a look at their relationships as well as differences in cleanroom classification in our blogpost.

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Behaviour rules in a cleanroom

So that the cleanroom can maintain its air cleanliness class according to ISO, it is necessary to check all factors in the cleanroom for their cleanroom suitability and to optimise them, if necessary. Besides machines, assemblies and some processes in the cleanroom, it is above all the personnel who work there, that contribute significantly to the purity of the room. In this blog post, we give an insight into the most important rules of behaviour, which must be observed when working under clean conditions for employees.

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Standardization in cleanroom technology

With the growing cross-country and cross-sector interest in cleanroom technology, the need for a uniform definition of cleanroom standards and norms grew. Due to the far-reaching and complex progress in the development of cleanroom technology across a wide range of areas, there were numerous standards and guidelines before uniform standardization. In our current blog post we outline the historical development of standardization in the field of cleanroom technology and give an insight into the current status quo of the most important guidelines.

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Cleaning laboratory

The regular cleaning of a cleanroom is an important factor to maintain the needed air purity class. However, the cleaning of the machines which are located in a cleanroom is often being ignored. But the maintenance cleaning of the machines should be included in the cleaning plan to ensure the necessary purity of the machine and the associated process. In addition, it is urgently necessary for the manufacturer of such a machine to process only cleaned individual parts and assemblies and thus to complete the machine. The opportunity of cleaning individual parts is often used. Cleaning in ultrasonic bath is standard nowadays.

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