During the exhibitions Cleanzone and Semicon in autumn 2018, COLANDIS GmbH presented the prototypes of the Mini-Fan-Filter-Modules. 

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From employee of Carl Zeiss to CEO of his own company...

Joachim Ludwig has become an expert in cleanroom applications for technology industries. He thinks that a big cleanroom isn't always the best solution for the process and the product. He is very successful with his motto "the best cleanroom is the one you don't need" for more than 20 years.

Topics: cleanroom technology

Rental cleanroom  with internal dimension of 3 meters

Do you need a solution over a short and flexible period of time to work under clean conditions? Therefor you can use the rental cleanroom of COLANDIS:

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Our next events

COLANDIS GmbH is represented at different fairs. We are also planning our own events for the last quarter of 2016. Here is a short overview where you can find us:

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New Whitepaper about process optimisation of injection moulding in cleanroom conditions

In industries such as micro, and semiconductor technology working in controlled surrounding conditions has been standard for a long time now. Cleanroom technology has been viewed sceptically by injection moulding and the sense of this technology has been questioned. Meanwhile even in plastics processing a change in its views has taken place.

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New Whitepaper about process development in cleanroom conditions published

For a zero-fault production concerning a justifiable clean production the entire process chain needs to be taken into consideration. If only one part of the process has been neglected, all other production steps lose their effect and the product loses its quality. Therefore, not only the single component purification but also the purification of the assemblies and complete machines are of utmost importance.

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A new Whitepaper about the mobile cleanroom

You need a clean environment for a limited period of time, but it is not worth it to install a cleanroom? Than the rentable cleanroom of COLANDIS might be an alternative for you? Download our Whitepaper and learn more about it.

Download Whitepaper

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material lock for your clean products

Transport of pure products between different environments is increasingly necessary. To shorten an expensive step of the process and unpacking, it is possible to integrate a material lock and thus to transport products within pure environments. This lock is customizable due to its modular system to your size and installed in almost any wall. With the integrated electrical door lock (mutually), cross-contamination is excluded. The lock could be equipped with extras such as lighting, roller conveyor etc. 

For further information please contact us.

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Fair dates

06. - 08. Oct SEMICON Europa Dresden
27. - 28. Oct Cleanzone Frankfurt
10. - 13. Nov Productronica Munich
18. - 19. Nov Precision Fair Veldhoven


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