Cleanroom-compatible control cabinet

Very often it is necessary to install control cabinets or boxes directly in the cleanroom or in process machines.  Therefore these cabinets or boxes must have a number of properties that enable them to be used in the cleanroom. In addition to a surface that is easy to clean and disinfect (stainless steel or powder-coated), they should also be able to dissipate the heat loads generated inside to the environment. There are two possible ways:

  1. The control cabinet or box is oversized so that the heat can be conducted to the outside through the larger surface area (stainless steel and paints are not known to be very good heat conductors), or
  2. through active ventilation by means of a ventilator.

In the second case, the problem arises that mainly particulate contaminants are transported from inside the cabinet into the cleanroom and the risk of a negative influence on the processes taking place in the cleanroom is to be expected.

The new cleanroom-compatible control cabinet, which was developed together with the company caleg, is equipped with an active filter system that emits only H13-filtered air into the cleanroom. In order to prevent "short circuits" in the control cabinet, e.g. that the air takes the shortest route and does not reach all the components inside, optimum cooling is achieved by an additional fan. In the present example (demonstrator), an air exchange rate of up to 500-fold can be achieved. The filter module used is designed according to the size of the control cabinet and the expected heat loads.

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