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A comparison of cleanroom and cleanroom cabins: Hardwall and Softwall

The conception and planning of a cleanroom depends primarily on the requirements placed on it. In some cases a grey room is already sufficient, but especially in the technology, research and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the food industry strict guidelines apply.

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8 rules you should know when planning a cleanroom

Planning a cleanroom is always an individual and complex process, in which all future uses and of course also the local conditions must be considered. Since the requirements vary from company to company, many manufacturers offer modular systems and components and also respond to special requests.

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Cleanliness suitability of operating material

Some industries must work under “clean” conditions, because even dust particle or outgassing can make a complete product batch unusable. What does cleanliness suitability exactly mean? How is it measured and how can it be determined? Would production under “pure” conditions also be a decisive competitive factor for your company? We will answer these questions for you in this blog article.

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