Cleaning laboratory

The regular cleaning of a cleanroom is an important factor to maintain the needed air purity class. However, the cleaning of the machines which are located in a cleanroom is often being ignored. But the maintenance cleaning of the machines should be included in the cleaning plan to ensure the necessary purity of the machine and the associated process. In addition, it is urgently necessary for the manufacturer of such a machine to process only cleaned individual parts and assemblies and thus to complete the machine. The opportunity of cleaning individual parts is often used. Cleaning in ultrasonic bath is standard nowadays.

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Fan-Filter-Modules (FFU) with black filters

„Black labour“ – that sounds like tax evasions and informal economy. But it is essential for your business. Of course we mean measuring tasks in dark cleanrooms! Because in many applications, cleanrooms must not only be free of contaminations. They have to be dark as well! In this blogpost you will learn, which technical tool supports you simply as ingeniously.

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Aspects of storage and transport in cleanroom conditions

Although it is frequently declared a secondary process, storage and transport of materials and products is enormously important for a company’s production processes. Especially for those, who work with high-precision and sensitive products which require cleanroom conditions for its use or processing. It doesn’t matter if it is for particle free components in optics, semiconductor, laser application or automotive technology.

Each and every one of these sensitive parts requires a transport, which complies with the high requirements for the storage conditions. As a result the requirements increased, especially for companies and suppliers in the High tech industry, where sensors and other extremely sensitive components are used.

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Cleanroom technology for laser applications

To achieve a high product quality clean conditions play a more and more important role for laser applications.

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Clean environment in the machine - A success story from experience

In more and more industrial companies it’s necessary to create a particle free environment, since the products are more and more sensible and can be damaged badly by particles accordingly. Even if the production environment is in a cleanroom, it is no guarantee that the integrated machine will have the same air purity class as its surroundings.

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Cleaning in cleanroom conditions

To ascertain the cleanliness of a machine beforehand, it is necessary to analyse the whole process chain from single part production until the complete machine. In which conditions is to be produced, cleaned and packaged is determined by the respective requirements. The factor time is very important for the process chain’s consideration. The longer a process takes, the cleaner the surrounding conditions have to be. That happens in various ways:

  • A cleanroom with a certain classification
  • Repetitious cleaning to continuously remove the contamination
  • Packaging of products before breaks and unpacking for further processing as well as regular cleaning
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Reasons for regular cleanroom maintenance

The scheduled and preventative implementation of cleanroom equipment’s and appliance’s maintenance is especially from an economical point of view a reasonable consideration. Because a professional, continuous maintenance provides a vital contribution for reduction of down time and defective goods as well as the extension of service life.

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Cleanroom requirements in the optical industry

The concentration of airborne particles have to be kept as low as possible. The air purity is usually monitored very closely. Here, human beings seem to be the biggest safety hazard for particle contamination. Moreover, machines and assets in a cleanroom are able to completely contaminate optical components, for example.

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